Trash2trash: Lets You Clean Up New York City By Trashing Your Least Favorite Celebrity

With a growing population of 8.5 million, New York City has witnessed the most robust population growth since the 1920s. As the city reacts to the influx of residents, it struggles to stop the overwhelming amount of litter on the streets.

This is where we come in. TRASH2TRASH is a fun and integrative way, designed by two Art Directors Vrasidas Golemis and Joao Unzer, to motivate New Yorkers to reduce litter and clean up our streets. By picking your most hated celebrity, the incentive is to trash your vote rather than trashing our streets.
Each day we research online the most hated celebrities in America, and place their face on specially designed trashcans around the city. Not only did New Yorkers engage with our initiative, they loved the idea so much they would pick up litter off the ground just to trash their vote.

More info:

Justin VS Miley

Paris VS Lindsay

Kim VS Kris

Kanye VS Chris